The Crowdfunding Myth Home Study Course

  1. Quick Money Raising Overview

    Course #1 - Setting Up Your Company add_circle_outline

    1.How to choose the right entity

    Course #2 - Writing your Business Plan add_circle_outline

    Course #2 - Video and Samples

    EXTRA VIDEO - Writing you Plan - Good video!

    Course #3 - The Law Surrounding Crowdfunding add_circle_outline

    Course #3 - Learning the Law Content

    Course #4 - What to Offer Your Investors add_circle_outline

    EXTRA VIDEO - Structuring a Deal
    Course #4 - PDF Report and Downloads

    Course #5 - How to find investors add_circle_outline

    EXTRA VIDEO - Raising Money on your Website

    Marketing Samples and Website Samples

    Course #5 - Legal Contents
    How to Find Investors Under Rule 506(b)
    Wealthy Investors and Paying people

    Course #6 - Putting it all together add_circle_outline
    Course #6 - Legal Document Examples
    Public Company and Regulation A samples
    Sources to raise capital on your site

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